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Real estate for sale in Panama is available in practically all of the provinces throughout the country. The features of the properties offered in Panama real estate deals are based on the geographical, economic and social features of the various provinces, while real estate prices vary accordingly and exist to suit every size of budget.

Panama’s government implemented an excellent scheme for expats retiring in Panama, whereby retirees along with their dependents, if any, are granted Pension Visas to be able to reside in Panama as a retiree and benefit from the government policies that were implemented for such persons with regards to their rights and privileges.

Some of the popular places in Panama for real estate are Panama City, Santa Clara Beach, Boquetes, Chuiquiri Gulf, Chiquiri Provinces, Penonome, Casco Viejo, Bocas del Toro, Azuero Peninsula, Antn Valley and the Former Canal Zone. The prices in these favorite Panama real estate regions are influenced by the amenities with which the properties or buildings are equipped, landscape, location, distance from Panama City, size and the type of building. Panama’s diverse landscape provides for Panama real estate for sale in areas close to lagoons, beaches, on atolls, islands, lakes, mountains, residential developments and cosmopolitan surroundings such as in Panama City.

Real estate for sale in Panama range from townhouses, chateaux, condos, castles to duplexes and cottages. Many colonial style houses can be found in Casco Viejo where restoration projects are being undertaken by the Panamanian Government as an incentive for increased Panama real estate investments. Persons investing in real estate in Panama for rehablitation are exempt from property tax for a period of 30 years and import taxes. Historical buildings in Casco Viejo are placed in 5 main categories that determine their value and given preferential mortgage loans for purchasing and financing, construction. Boquete – a municipal of the Province of Chiquiri features several private residences and lots in the Boquete valley, which lies at the feet of the Baru Volcano, while Panama City, which may be divided into three main Panama real estate areas – namely Panama City Florida, Panama City Beach and Lynn Haven, offers high rise condos, private residences and cinder block cottages.

Panama real estate for sale has benefited from the international image that Panama has earned internationally due to its advanced infrastructure, developed financial services, free zones, offshore Panama company, strategic trading location vis-à-vis the Panama Canal and progressive government business policies. Real estate for sale in Panama gives business men the possibility of tapping into the ecotourism, trade, shipping, mining and construction industries, while accessing a new market comprised of possibly all of Latin America.

Panama has many archipelagos of islands, some of which are uninhabited, protected nature reserves or may be habited by indigenous Indians. The archipelago of Bocas del Toro have remained unspoiled and adorned with spectacular beaches, rainforests, coral fields and mangroves. Some of the islands belong to the Parque Nacional de Bastimientos, a National Marine Park that serves as a sanctuary for aquatic birds, turtles and other wildlife. Other islands with real estate for sale in Panama include San Blas Islands, Pearl Islands, Nargana, El Prorvenir, Ailigandi and Isla Bastimento, to name a few.