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Choosing to acquire a home in Panama may be one of the best decisions that anyone that is planning to retire may make, as long as doing so is within his or her reach. Panama’s terrain is diverse and gives rise to a number of spectacular landscapes and views. Renting or purchasing a home in Panama – within Panama City, in the suburbs, countryside, on a beachfront or an island has a lot to offer and each provide very distinct and wonderful living experiences.

Several real estate agencies are feverishly involved in assisting persons wishing to acquire or rent a home in Panama at very attractive fees and the service is professional. Areas that have grown into great Panama homes real estate areas include Isla Solarte, Bocas del Toro, Coronado, Chame, Altos del Maria, Valencia and Sora - Valle de Laurel, Majagual, Chiriqui – Boquete and David, Contadora – Pearl islands, and Punta Charme.


Homes for sale in Panama include a large variety of single family homes such as cottages surrounded with lovely vegetation and streams, beautiful villas in regions such as Los Molinos, which is one of the most sought after Panama homes real estate developments, breathtaking one storey houses that are beautifully landscaped with flower gardens, chateaux and condos. One of the benefits of acquiring a Panama home, especially in the mountainous and coastal regions, is the beautiful all year round climate and breezes that blow in. Though these areas may have their fair share of sunshine, the temperature is fairly cool and makes living a pleasurable experience in Panama.


Panama homes are perfect for retirement. Panama is known as one of the best countries for living after retirement due the wide availability of Panama homes on the real estate market, the country’s fairly low crime rate, hospitable and warm people and relatively low prices which make the cost of living very affordable in comparison to other countries. Many homes in Panama are built just for retirement and are designed to suit the needs of persons retiring in Panama. Panama homes on the Panama real estate market are located in relatively new developments and present modern, classic and European architectural styles. Areas such as Former Canal Zone that were developed particularly for Americans who lived in Panama during the period of American occupation of the country, and as a result Panama homes and residential areas in the Zone are built according to American standards.

A home for every budget

Homes in Panama are diverse and suit every budget, irrespective of family size and type, be it a simple modest, middleclass or a wealthy family. The prices of Panama homes may range from tens and hundreds of thousands to a few million dollars based on the amenities and landscape features that the Panama home has. The official legal tender used in Panama is the U.S. dollar (USD) although it is called the “Balboa”. Both currencies have the same monetary value and can be freely used interchangeably in Panama. Due to this, currency control is not an issue when purchasing a Panama home and this allows for doing business easily. It is also important to note that Panama homes are also available for rent when visiting Panama on a business trip or a vacation. Panama homes overlooking the coast or beachfront are particularly enticing for persons wishing to spend an enjoyable and fun filled time in Panama.