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Panama City is the capital of the Republic of Panama with a population of 708, 738 inhabitants and a metro population of approximately 1, 063, 000. Panama City is known as the “Crossroads of the World”, or is commonly to by tourists as “a bargainer’s paradise” and “shopping mecca”. It is also considered as one of the most modern metropolis in Latin America with an amazing skyline with towering buildings that overlook the Bay of Panama.

Places such as Punta Puntilla, Coco del Mar, Avenida Balboa, Costa del Este and Punta Pacifica offer spectacular views of the ocean. Panama City real estate is a rapidly growing sector. Real estate in Panama City has attracted many investors, home makers and visitors because of its ideal location to suburban and rural regions in Panama, excellent and inexpensive shopping and general positive business atmosphere. Real estate in Panama City presents the possibility of investing in Panama’s entertainment industry and vibrant night life of casinos, bars, restaurants, discotheques and cabaret. Panama City real estate acquisition would also include getting involved in the tourism or financial industries as well as energy sectors such as hydroelectric plants such as in Bayano, located about 80 kilometers away from Panama City.

Investing in Panama City real estate through Panama Company or even better through Panama Foundation offers the chance of owning a colonial home or a condominium that may be used for earning a steady income through rent. Places offered for rent on the Panama City real estate market are generally equipped with basic amenities such as electricity, water supply, internet and DirectTV. Panama City is a top tourist destination, shopping and investment hub so investing in real estate in Panama City for this purpose is definitely viable because apartments, rooms and office spaces for rent are constantly in demand. Panama City real estate developments generally

Real estate agencies in Panama City generally made up of agents and lawyers who facilitate Panama City property acquisition as well as a range of services that include title insurance, bank mortgage financing, legal services for property acquisition, property location, house insurance and Panama company formation or set up a Panamanian Foundation for property ownership. Professional and major Panama City real estate agents also assist persons desiring to develop Panama City real estate developers in property development

Panama City is also ideal for real estate due to the town’s infrastructural development, banks, shopping malls, medical centers, hospital centers and professional services. Getting to and from Panama City is facilitated by the Tocumen International Airport through airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Copa Airlines, Iberia, Mexicana, Spirit Airlines and KLM, among others. The airport is located about 15 miles from the city and provides daily flights to several international and regional destinations. Regular scheduled flights are also available to local provinces and Panama offshore islands that also contain a wealth of real estate possibilities. Real estate in Panama City allows for experiencing the energy of Panama City, ethnic diversity and cosmopolitan culture. Panama City is full of Asians, North and South Americans persons of other European decent. The Panama Canal is located about one hour away from Panama City.