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Boquete is a beautiful municipality of the Province of Chiriqui. Boquete is home to Panama’s tallest mountains and has been known to produce the best coffee in Panama. Boquete’s coffee has received worldwide recognition by internationally know n coffee producers and organizations and on several occasions has been voted for having produced the highest grades of coffee in the world. Boquete’s popular names, the Land of Coffee and Flower and the land of the Eternal Rainbow are testimony of the Boquete’s rich fertile soil and spectacular natural sceneries.

All of this has led to the growth of real estate in Boquete, as both local and international investors continue to develop luxury residential areas and vast portions of unoccupied land for retired persons and expats that wish to settle in Panama. Real estate in Boquete is made unique by Boquete’s hot springs, lakes and nature forest reserves, as persons looking for tranquility and an easy life are sure to achieve this in this region of Panama. Boquete Panama real estate is also being influenced by the growing eotourism industry that has expanded from the main province of Chiriqui and neighboring town of David, which too, have attracted investors and vacation seekers from all over the world. As a result in Boquete growing ecotourism sector, increased infrastructural development has enhanced real estate in Boquete, which does not only include cottages and country villas, but a number of hotels, inns and guest houses that are being constructed to cater for and accommodate the international public.

Boquete is one of the regions in Panama that has still maintained its cultural traditions. Purchasing real estate in Boquete gives one the chance of getting to know one of Panama’s indigenous peoples, the Guaymi tribe. The Guaymi have traditionally been involved in the harvesting of coffee and the cultural festivities and holidays that are celebrated in Boquete on an annual basis. Boquete Panama real estate surely has so much to offer!

Persons interested in Boquete real estate investment opportunities are able to freely travel to Boquete from Panama City since there are two daily scheduled flights into Chiriqui. There are reliable express and national bus services that provide regular transportation to Boquete, so flying to and from Panama City or other nearby provinces in search of real estate opportunities is hassle free.

Most of the homes available on the Boquete real estate market are fully furnished and constructed by highly trained engineers and builders. Boquete real estate homes often come with amenities such as swimming pools, balconies, terraces, maid’s quarters, air condition, DirecTV, internet access, mobile phone service and readily available water supply from natural underground spring water.

Acquiring real estate in Panama also offers young children the opportunity to learn the Spanish language in a very friendly environment. Young children will receive firsthand knowledge of the culture and this will greatly enhance their language skills as having lived the country for a number of years. Boquete, Panama real estate is full of potential and is without a doubt a secure investment in Panama real estate.