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Bocas del Toro is one of the most unique provinces in Panama. Its capital is also called Bocas del Toro and is located on the island of Colon. Bocas del Toro has an estimated population of 89,000 inhabitants and is divided into three major districts, namely the Bocas del Toro district, Changuinola District and Chiriqui Grande District. Some of the counties in Bocas del Toro include Punta Laurel, Tierra oscura, Almirante, Las Tablas and Miramar. Bocas del Toro consists of 9 main islands and covers an area of 8, 745 kilometers. Bocas del Toro became an independent province in November, 1903, when it was separated from the island of Colon.

Bocas real estate is becoming a thriving part of Bocas’ economy. Bocas real estate features many homes such as the Casa Mariposa, a newly built 2 bedroom beachfront property on the island of Carenero and Casa Vista del Mar, a 3 bedroom fully furnished waterfront property, also located on Carenero that has a custom made kitchen, central air, high speed internet, exotic hard wood floors and a private dock. Real estate in Bocas has extended to the construction of hilltop developments, such as the new hill top homes known as the Vista Linda Homes, which are situated on the Island of Colon. The Vista Linda Homes feature 7 private homes that are built in the beautiful valley of Colon, which serves as a conservatory for birds and other indigenous wildlife, including a variety of flora and fauna. The Vista Linda homes are equipped with special amenities such as high speed internet, to p class landscaping, vinyl windows, large terraces, modern kitchen, furniture, a full time caretaker and 24 hour security.

Bocas real estate on the Island of Carenero has several lots of land that are ideal Bocas real estate opportunities for investing in a fully sustained small village, a nature park and reserve, spa and massage therapy centers, restaurants and recreational facilities. This area, referred to as the Island Oasis by its real estate agents in Bocas is a waterfront property that is beautified with towering Royal and Coconut palms that enhance the pleasant atmosphere. Real estate in this part of Bocas has a lot of potential and available properties are in very high demand because of the area’s privacy, cleanliness and untouched nature.

Another Bocas real estate opportunity for investment includes the Cauchero Cove. The Cauchero Cove is an ecological development that occupies 35 acres of untouched property that include a club house, walkway, marine docking facilities, composting toilets and electrical systems that are used for providing electricity to the site. The Cauchero Cove is a protected area and the cutting of trees and mangroves is not permitted. Doing so requires the authorization of the site’s developers. Cauchero has some of the most beautiful natural features found in Panama and is home to a wide variety of native wildlife and plant forms. This Bocas real estate development will soon include 600 to 900 base cabanas, which will be built on platforms.

The diversity of the land forms found in Bocas offers many opportunities for investing in innovative real estate developments in Bocas. These could range from hotels, private homes made out of logwood, as cabanas, cottages or luxury villas and condos. Bocas coastal regions are beautiful nature sanctuaries for native animals and plants, which make investing in Bocas real estate a wonderful experience.