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A real estate investment in the Republic of Panama is investing one’s wealth and in a future of tremendous potential. Acquiring Panama real estate is a gateway to many opportunities that are not limited to only a starting a new life of comfort and happiness, but for investment in tourism, the export, ports and maritime industries, information technology and ebusiness, telecommunications, mining, financial services, access to the Colon free trade zone and Panama Canal commercial areas. Making a Panama real estate investment has the added advantaged that the US dollar is the legal tender used in Panama. The US dollar has been used in Panama from as early as 1904 and is called the Balboa.

Panama is the best offshore jurisdiction for purchasing real estate and for formation of offshore companies. The tax haven of Panama offers excellent offshore companies and the partners of our Panama agents provide excellent services for UK company formation. UK companies (Sole Trader or Limited Company comparison) which are highly recommended for UK company formation are the UK private ltd company and the limited liability partnership. Our agents also complete UK limited liability company formation and other offshore formation of best offshore companies.

Real estate in Panama also offers excellent access to capital in regards to the level of development of Panama’s banking industry, capital markets and international credibility as an important commercial and investment hub. The Colon Free Trade Zone was established in 1948 and grew to be the second largest free zone internationally and the number one in the hemisphere.

Panama real estate opportunities are diverse and propose the ideal lifestyle possibilities to suit the tastes of every expat or investor that decides to settle in Panama. Panama’s natural features vary from mangroves, lagoons, lakes, mountains, valleys, atolls, rain forests and islands. Panama real estate also offers amazing beach fronts of black, golden, gray and pink sand beachfront properties that come along with adventurous kayaking, canoeing and snorkeling fun. Panama’s real estate sector is further boosted by Panama’s diverse flora and fauna and wildlife give balance to the vibrant industrial and commercial activities that place in Panama. This contributes to the development and increased protection of natural parks and forest reserves, making life and Panama real estate in the rural provinces a means of gaining access to a healthy life.

To name a few, regions such as Portobello, Boquete, Azuero Peninsula and the Former Canal Zone are some of the interesting areas for real estate in Panama. For example, Portobello is an important historic site in Panama and was identified for its strategic location by the first set of European who visited the Isthmus of Panama. Portobello is ideal for Panama real estate investment by sailors because of the Caribbean harbors that are based there and marina projects being undertaken. Portobello is also naturally beautiful and fairly near to Panama City; under two hours by car. The need to develop the Former Canal Zone was identified by investors who built residential and commercial developments after US military forces withdrew from the area in 1999. For further information on Panama retirement and real estate, feel free to contact Vital Hub Project Management Services for a full suite of professional services.

Panama real estate in the Former Canal Zone allows for a suburban lifestyle and quick access to Panama City which is just 5 minutes away. This area was built particularly for north Americans and as a result was built according to US standards. In addition, the Azuero Peninsula is one of Panama’s most arid regions with two major seasons; the dry season that lasts from December to May and is commonly referred to as the golden season, when the skies are clear and sea breezes come in, and the wet season marked by intermittent showers and greenery. The wet season is known as the green season and lasts from June to November. Panama real estate in the Azuero Peninsula is promoted by the natural beautify of that region and relatively low prices for which Panama real estate here can be acquired.